Messenger Unread
Ready for Distributed Warehouse Management?
Check messenger without the stress
Don't send typing indicators or read receipts.
Messenger Unread - Remove typing indicators and read receipts on messenger. | Product Hunt Embed
Don't show people you've read their message or when you're typing
We're firm believers in data privacy and don't collect or share any data.
Free and open source. Only thirty lines of code, and easy to install yourself.
Before 😭
You have messages but don't check them, leading to long response times
After 😍
Read and reply to messages as soon as you get them without pressure
👋  Texting should be relaxed
Read receipts and typing indicators optimize for engagement, not comfort. By making your actions more private, we make it easier to read and respond.
Search for real estate with real-time pricing and availability
Manage customer refunds and cancellations with ease
Search for real estate with real-time pricing and availability
Integrate with our API to set up alerts so you always know the best deal
Built for developers
With Sonesta you can integrate real estate search and booking in hours, not months. We’re committed to providing a great developer experience with intuitive APIs, great documentation and outstanding support.

Searching Real Estate by Location
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